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"The lyrical flow is quite unique drawing in the listener to see where the song will go next. This is music to make you feel something and that is exactly what Steady Tek-Nick does here."

- Keith Pro, Indie Band Guru

"There is not a beat , bar or line on the single that sounds out of place, fully complimenting everything that Steady Tek-Nick does with his lyrics and his voice.."

- Buddy Nelson, Jamsphere

Nick Antony Israel, also known as Steady Tek-Nick (alias Ti Granmoun Lan) is a young Haitian Hip-Hop prodigy who developed an interest for writing raps and audio engineering at an early age and wasted no time in applying his newly found skills to his music. Due to the lack of education and tools available for perfecting his craft, he travelled from Haiti to New York in order to obtain his sound engineering degree and have his music flourish on an international platform. His keen hears for sound and extensive knowledge of audio equipment are steadily establishing him among the best in his field. For more on Steady Tek-Nick, check out his website and other related social medias.